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How to buy SILKS with PayPal !!! GUIDE
HeraDate: Tuesday, 10.14.2008, 10:11 PM | Message # 1
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First of all you need a PayPal account. cool

Step 1
Then go to this site and make an Account. (Sign up)
when you see only chinese letters then on the upper right corner you can click "English" so you can read the main things in english.
This is the site where you will buy a game cards with game points on it (there are 200points and 600points Card),
10 game points = 1 Silk you must convert them later to silks and buy items from Item Shop in game.

Step 2
You will need a Phone verification( Its for free, a robot will call you and tell a activation number)
You can do it here
After you complete the verification it takes about 2-3 hours till you buying limit is open. For some people it takes 1-3 days.
But dont worry, you must do it only 1 time.

Step 3
After this you can add money to your account.
go to Money-->Add Fund and use Paypal to add money.

Choose US-Dollar PayPal I add always minimum 20 Dollar couse 20+ is withot fee. But fee is not much so dont scary, maybe some cents..

Step 4
Ater this go here

and choose wich game card you want to buy, 200 or 600 points. I buy allways 600 couse its cheaper.

then choose how many cards you want to buy.
sometimes there are only 1-2 cards.. it means you can buy only 2 or 1 card and after you bought this
it will be full again with 14 or more cards.
then click on Members buy here

and it goes to this site
here you must choose how many cards you want to buy again.
and click on Confirm Order.

Step 5

after this this site will open (it can load 20-30 seconds)

this is for 1 card, if you buy more there will be more.
save Card Number and Card PIN you will need them for the next step. and log out of CN-USA

and go to csro hp now
Log in

Then go here

click on this


After this you will see above your Card Points in RED.
now you can add next GameCard No. and PIN if you bought more cards at same time.

Step 6
Now we want to convert this GameCard Points into Silks.
go here.
if you not loged it then log in and click here.

then here

now its done.. log in into the game.. and you have silks..

have fun.


Made by Hera

KrakercitoDate: Wednesday, 10.15.2008, 0:13 AM | Message # 2
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really! really! nice guide, now we can buy things thx to you biggrin , thx thx ^^

regards~Kraker :)
euroteamDate: Wednesday, 10.15.2008, 12:42 PM | Message # 3
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Good Guide Hera!
iErdiiDate: Thursday, 04.02.2009, 1:41 PM | Message # 4
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I can only make instant buy casue my area number starts with 0 and is to long sad

But nice guide so i must do instant buy... but than i wont get it cheaper sad

Edit:Ok i got verificated by telephone ^.^

Message edited by iErdii - Thursday, 04.02.2009, 6:01 PM
Wiruz4Date: Friday, 08.21.2009, 5:02 PM | Message # 5
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Thanks alot for this guide Hera. Bought 120 silks wink
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